A good and smart software is not only used for a long time and thus saves resources.
It also makes you happy from the very first day.

Activity Types

Project Management: Managing your software project with a focus on the technical part.
Selection of Personnel: Consultancy for establishing development teams.
Architecture Planning: Based on concept (e.g. consisting of requirements analysis, feature list, designs, expected usage intensity/predicted load etc.) as well as your already available resources I plan among other things:
  • High-level structure of the software system (components, programming languages, platform etc.),
  • Modules per component, their interfaces, tasks, and communication paths,
  • Detailed configuration of the modules (class structure (in OOP), methods/functions, algorithms).
with a focus on anything you'd like to emphasize, as for instance:
  • Costs,
  • Security,
  • Safety,
  • Performance,
  • Reusability,
  • Time to Market / Development time,
  • Flexibility,
  • Robustness
  • etc.
Development: Building the designed components, also completely or partly in collaboration with other developers.
Testing: Included within common development testing, e.g. using unit tests. For further requirements regarding stability, safety, security, robustness that can better be fulfilled with structured testing processes I'm looking forward to working with additional experts.
  • For smaller web projects (web sites, online platforms, communities, shops etc.) complete installation at a hosting service provider.
  • For larger Web projects (much traffic, special requirements regarding performance, failover, configurability etc.) I provide advice to your in-house hosting or your specialized hosting partner.
  • For local applications (software that gets installed on your personal computer) I deliver an installation program and/or completely install the software for you.
Documentation: Preparing any know-how gained during the development process in written for achieving among other things the following goals:
  • Capacity to act when facing smaller or bigger problems, even when important know-how carriers are not available.
  • Increasing the reusability of components and modules.
  • Increasing work efficiency even when all involved persons are present.
  • Supporting a structured and reflective course of action with results of higher quality.
  • Quick support in case of problems,
  • Automated monitoring,
  • Support when realizing new features.
Consulting: I offer my knowledge and skill for all phases of the development process also without direct participation in the development.


I can support you with the following target platforms:
  • Internet (web pages, web applications, web services),
  • Windows PC (locally installed applications - "'.exe' files").

Development Platforms

These are the platforms on which I develop (this only refers to the development process and not the results of my work):
  • Linux,
  • Windows PC.
With the following IDEs I can start working almost instantly:
  • NetBeans,
  • Microsoft Visual Studio.

Dimensions of the Project

I have experience of many years with very small and simple up to very large and complex projects. That's why I can offer the above for virtually any project that matches my competences. Depending on demands regarding development time, or required special techniques that I'd have to learn first, the constitution of a development team may be advisable to speed up the development process.

Place of Work

I work in my own or in your premises - just as you wish.

New Challenges

With my curiosity and my deep passion for computer science I'm always open to new problems and like acquainting myself with new techniques and technologies.