The bigger your confidence in me, the higher my responsibility to turn your project into something special.
I like this balance between relaxation and seriousness.
  • You must be satisfied.
    Your satisfaction is my primary yardstick.
  • I must be satisfied, at least with my own work.
    That's only possible when I know that also "under the hood" there's quality in everything I deliver.
    The highest demands from my services are my own ones.
  • I code in English (if nothing else is demanded).
    You should get internationally compatible source code to provide you with maximum flexibility in planning your project.

    Of course I often develop applications in German. My "English rule" only refers to the source code of my programs.
  • I develop as sustainably as I can
    Of course you want to finish your software project as fast and with as low costs as possible. I am committed to this.
    However, particularly in this connection my experience shows: A certain level of discipline also on the quality side is indispensable.
    Good code is widely detached from the concrete and increases a number of desirable variables by abstraction, e.g. reusability, robustness, adaptability, user-friendliness.
    Sometimes I witnessed the attempt to save budgets at the expense of the above values. In my opinion this can hardly ever succeed. Most software products live too long and undergo too many changes over time to make this calculation work.
    Of course you should not be overburdened with too high initial costs. I always seek a good compromise between the extremes.
  • I convince by performance.
    You should be conviced by my work and not get into dependency by it.
    Well-readable, clear, for others comprehensible code is my way of achieving both goals at the same time.
    Not to mention the quality of my work that also your customers can see.
  • I know the value of programs that "just work and work and work"
    I couldn't guarantee my high quality standards for new projects if I had to care about tiny problems from previous contracts all the time. It is my own concern to smartly avoid future errors and cover forseeable feature requests already today.
  • When you book me, you don't just book a programmer. You also book a bright mind.
    Working proactively is indispensable for me.
    I don't wait until you discover errors and inconsistencies yourself; I don't start programming blindly when you order something that doesn't make full sense from my point of view. In dialogue we usually find good and better solutions, some of which will surely exceed everything you were hoping to get at first.
    My wide interests will finally help us to move off the beaten track.