I'm confident you also have a fascinating software project.
  • Current Engagement (since 2011):

    Portalis AG, Hamburg, Germany
    United Experts GmbH, Hamburg, Germany

    Systems architect, technical project manager, lead developer, and (to a lesser extent) administrator.

    Focal points:

    Technical management of the development:

    Design, selection of technologies, building up the development team, implementation, hosting, testing, launch, operations.

    Implementation and operation of a taylor-made merchandise management solution with for example:

    Management of product master data, semiautomatic reorders from suppliers, stock-keeping, organization of customer orders, commissioning, management of substitute articles, customer credit notes, discounts etc., invoicing, route planning, end-to-end barcode support.

    Other tasks:

    Consultancy of other projects in fields like:

    Technical design, performance, troubleshooting.

  • Bauerverlag/Bauer Media Group KG, Hamburg, Germany

    Systems architect and team manager in the ongoing development of several online offers of the publisher.

    Focal points:
    Technical design, performance of high-traffic websites, managing development teams, implementation.


    Technical management of relaunch 2009/2010:

    Technical design, UML, development, hardware platform planning, setup, performance testing,
    going online.


    Performance optimization, supervision of daily activities.

  • Deutsche Bank AG, Frankfurt (Main), Germany

    Backend logic for the stock-trading platform maxblue.de.

  • Dresdner Bank AG, Frankfurt (Main), Germany

    In-house consulting in the field of Java technology in the area of Frankfurt.
    Supporting several software projects of the corporate group.

  • ThyssenKrupp AG, Duisburg and Essen, Germany

    Assistance with building up the corporate database ThyssenKrupp base.

  • e-travel-pedia™, Hamburg

    Parts of the frontend. Design and realization of a powerful CMS, e.g. for editing, versioning, intelligent automatic hyperlinking of the contents.

  • Technische Universität Ilmenau

    Controlling special measuring hardware in the course of a research project dedicated to contact-free measurement of the speed of streaming liquids and gases. Frontend for evaluating recorded data.

  • Universität Hamburg

    Solution for high-performance evaluation of EEG data.
    Programming neuropsychological experiments: Temporally precise presentation of visual and auditorial stimuli. Recording proband reactions.